Very Simple Method For Get Work and Study Visa in Canada

Prime Minister of Canada Announcement

Great Prime Minister of Canada is Sir Justin Trudeau, Sir Justin Trudeau member of Liberal Party. he is Of Great Leader For Canada, He is the Follower of Progress in each field, In his Government Canada getting More Progressive in every field like Agriculture, Industrial Education, Health and Defense.
He also giving special attention to the Undeveloped countries Like Pakistan, India, Nepal, Nigeria, he tries to Improve the Living Standers of them, He trying to Remove Economic problems like Poverty, Inflation, Unemployment etc,. Justin Trudeau Offer the Undeveloped Countries Students Of Engendering, Business Administration Students, Industrial Education Students to get cheap Study and Work Visa, We announced for world wide students to get almost Free Study and Living visa, He also gives allow to the poor students they can get study and also do work In this Way Underdeveloped Countries Students Improve the Living Stander,

Requirement For Study Visa.

Students can apply Online or whom living in Canada,
Almost 150 CAD fee for international students,
submit your Biometrics which can amount to 84 CAD.
Identity card Proof / nationallty
Financial Support Proof .
Support Proof .

 Living Costs & Tuition Fees in Canada.

Students Can Apply For Canada Visa Online Apply or Living People.
Fee for international students Apply is around 160 CAD.
6000 to 22000 CAD / Year
30000 to 110000 CAD / 5 years
Housing / Residents
Public transportation
Food expenses
Books and studying.
Clothing Need (Basic)
Students When Reach at Canada and want to get Work, They Can apply legally for Part Job, Students Must apply to Canadian Government ,

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